Dow AgroSciences Career as a Field Scientist

Above: Left, Alejandro Calixto, Right, Joe Egher, share their career paths and wisdom regarding becoming and performing the job of a field scientist in industry. I thought Joe and Alejandro did an amazing job talking to our group about industry. Their personal career paths and perspective provided an unique opportunity…
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Insect Identification and Management


We are all inside the soybean pest demonstration screenhouse. Typically a screenhouse is used to keep pests out but this one is used to keep pests in. The idea is to trap all of the crop pests and beneficial predators in one space and observe the population dynamics over the course of the growing season. Dr. Krupke highlighted the fact that during the season you usually are able to observe predator-prey dynamics. By this I mean that over the course of the season you will first observe an exponential increase in pest numbers as they feed on the crop (soybean in the picture) and produce more offspring. This increase in the number of pests  is then followed by an equally large increase in the predators of these insects which then causes a large decrease in crop pest numbers. In summary, the experiment set up in the screenhouse demonstrates that when all other aspects of crop stress are controlled natural predator-prey relationships are able to keep insect pests at moderately low levels.
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