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About Renee

Renée Holland is the Area Blueberry Agent at the University of Georgia. She attended Clemson University for her undergraduate degree in Microbiology and worked as a researcher for the global microbiology organization at the Procter & Gamble Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio. She received a M. S. in Plant Pathology from the University of Georgia where she studied blueberry diseases, particularly bacterial leaf scorch of blueberry. Renée serves as a resource for county agents and farmers on questions regarding blueberry production. These topics include disease and pest management, as well as, general horticultural and physiological questions about blueberries. She manages the blueberry research and demonstration farm in Alma, GA. She collaborates and coordinates with blueberry specialists and county agents to carry out multi-county research trials, host field days, and promote blueberry education through regional production meetings. Renée also helps with development of educational programming for blueberry at the Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference in Savannah, GA.

Post-Harvest Disease Management for the 2017 Blueberry Season

Post-Harvest Disease Management for the 2017 Blueberry Season Renée Holland and Dr. Phil Brannen Growers have been asking questions regarding what to do about unharvested fruit in the fields and the potential for disease impact on the blueberry crop next year. Concerning mummy berry disease, unharvested fruit will not impact…
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Further Thoughts on Botryosphaeria Stem Blight Disease

After further discussions with Dr. Phil Brannen, I was probably overzealous with my previous recommendation on Botryosphaeria stem blight during the fall season.  I had previously recommended application of a contact and systemic fungicide in the field, such as Captan & Quash or Captan & Indar, etc. It won’t hurt…
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Field Scouting Finds

Spider Mite Damage, more intense Photo credit: James Jacobs, Pierce County Ag Agent Earlier symptoms of spider mite damage Photo credit: Renee Holland, Area Blueberry Agent Recently, this damage has been spotted in highbush fields. The leaves will have this finely speckled brown discoloration.  Usually the presence of spider mites…
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Blueberry Integrated Pest Management Field Day, Tuesday, April 5th

Blueberry IPM   Field Day Tuesday, April 5th 9:30AM -11:00AM Location: Chambers Brothers Blueberry Farm 2270 Fire Tower Road Homerville, GA 31634 Hands-On Scouting & Pest Reminders: Spotted Wing Drosophila & Insects —Dr. Ash Sial, Blueberry Entomologist Fruit Rots & Post-harvest Diseases —Renée Holland, Area Blueberry Agent Tank-mixing & Pesticide Safety…
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