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Our lab focuses on:

(1) Advanced disease detection (asymptomatic): The development of cost-efficient and validated modern diagnostic methods for diseases across a range of crops,

(2) Disease Monitoring: Statewide major plant disease survey to detect and quantify disease risks, and Molecular characterization of newly reported plant pathogens.

(3) Fungicide resistant evaluation: Understanding molecular mechanism of fungicide resistance and the development of a rapid molecular tool for fungicide (DMI/QoI/ SDHI etc) resistance testing

(4) Baseline sensitivity for the new a.i.:  In vitro sensitivity analysis for new fungicide and understanding the molecular mechanism of fungicide resistance.

Research questions in our laboratory

(1) How can we utilize novel genomic approaches to develop molecular diagnostic tools for invasive/emerging plant pathogens?

(2) How can we use NGS or advanced technologies to better explain the fungicide resistance mechanism against plant pathogens?

(3) How do plant pathogen and fungicide resistance disperse and distributed across wider geographical ranges?